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Hi and welcome to my site! I’m a huge fan of the Black Swan movie and especially the incredible ballet costumes used in the production. Last year I used a “White Swan” costume for several Halloween parties and this year I’ll go as the “dark” version. I created this website to help other put together their own great-looking Black Swan Halloween costume. Enjoy…

How to Make a Black Swan Halloween Costume

Black Swan was one of the best movies of 2010 for members of the dance and art communities. The elegant performance by Natalie Portman will be forever molded into the minds of movie goers, and the supporting role gave Mila Kunis a handful of career points. The ballerina costume from the movie is easy to recreate this Halloween. Following these easy steps, a DIY Black Swan costume can be made without breaking the bank or cutting any corners. This costume will make any party goer the center of attention.

Photo of Natalie Portman in a Black Swan movie costumeFirst, a black ballet tutu is the main component of the costume. Ballet tutus are a necessity in every ballerina’s wardrobe and are easy to find at any dance or ballet outfitting store. A black leotard is the next item on the list. A leotard is a skin tight dance bodice which leaves the legs unrestrained by movement. Leotards can also easily be found in most dance and sporting outfit stores as well as ballet stores. A good pair of white tights beneath the leotard and topped with the tutu completes the ballerina costume. Next, ballet slippers or even regular flats work well with the costume. If the terrain is too rough for those, regular sneakers can be substituted without distracting from the theme.

Make up is the most complicated part of the costume but with focus and patience, will complete the look flawlessly. Halloween costume stores typically carry theater and costume makeup on hand, so its a good idea to pick up a good amount of black and white face paint, and an optional shimmering silver. It’s important to use the kind of face paint made specifically for theater purposes so the skin is not irritated or damaged by products that aren’t made for long exposure to skin. A tube of each dark red lipstick, mascara and eyeliner are also needed.

To begin applying the make up, start by covering the face in white costume face paint. Pictures for reference can be found by a quick internet search for “Black Swan”. Make sure the white paint covers all of the skin without getting any in the eyes or mouth and avoid the eyelids and eyebrows. Once the face is covered in white, the eye make up can be added. Use the black cosmetic face paint to draw the dark feathers around both eyes using a reference picture. Make sure not to get any of the black paint into the eyes. Use the silver to accent the black paint using the reference photo. Once the paint is perfect use eyeliner to darken eyes and mascara to darken and lengthen eyelashes. The final touch is the dark red lipstick which completes the Black Swan costume.


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